Moveable Double Pendulum

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Physics-based simulation of a double pendulum whose support point is moveable.

Click near the support point to drag it with your mouse. You can also reposition the pendulum masses. You can also change gravity, damping (friction), and various other parameters.

Experiments to try:

The math for this simulation is similar to the regular Double Pendulum with immobile support point, except there are extra terms carried forward into the equations for the support point velocity and acceleration. This is similar to the development of equations shown for the Moveable Pendulum. This movement of the support point is an input to the equations of motion, which means that the support point is not affected by the motion of the double pendulum. We assume the anchor/support point is so massive compared to the pendulum that it is not affected by the motion of the pendulums.

Also available: source code, documentation and how to customize.

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