myPhysicsLab Documentation

myPhysicsLab provides JavaScript classes to build real-time interactive animated physics simulations.


  • The myPhysicsLab website shows the simulations running and contains explanations of the math behind them.

  • Documentation for each class and interface is available on this page.

    • Open the drop-down menu at upper left to navigate among the Types menu.
    • Type in the "Search" bar above to find a specific class or method
    • Click a link to one of the representative classes listed below.
  • Building myPhysicsLab Software has information about building, testing, internationalization, and general programming issues.

  • The How Does It Work? section of myPhysicsLab explains how physics simulations work in general.

  • myPhysicsLab Architecture is the best place to start for understanding the software.

  • 2D Physics Engine Overview covers the most complex piece of software included in myPhysicsLab.

  • Customizing myPhysicsLab Simulations tells how to customize using only a browser and text editor.

  • Closure Library has documentation about the Closure Library classes used here, for example goog.array.

Author and License

myPhysicsLab is provided as open source software under the Apache 2.0 License. See the accompanying file named LICENSE. The author is Erik Neumann

Source code is available at

Namespaces and Important Classes

Here are the namespaces of myPhysicsLab, with a few representative classes and interfaces listed for ease of browsing.